Just flip NFTs: buy from OpenSea and relist to sell

RockPool: the best of the OpenSea is here

RockPool is a tool that allows you to collectively buy any NFT (ERC721) listed at a fixed price on OpenSea.

An easier way to get a bluechip NFT
By buying collectively, you connect the best bluechip NFTs to the DeFi universe
Reach the value faster through a Pool
When the value is reached through a Pool, the Smart Contract will buy the NFT Automatically
Rock by diversifying your portfolio
It's your time to have an NFT bluechip. Diversify and get a fraction of many of them
Take the shortcuts:
Buy collectively the NFTs you always wanted or Join pools to buy the floor price from your favorite collections
  • - You can create a Pool and join it with the amount you want
  • - Once the Target Price is reached, interact with the Smart Contract to buy the item on OpenSea
  • - After the fractionalization, all the participants can claim their fractions proportionally to the amount they contributed
  • - And the NFT is re-listed on OpenSea, so all the fractions holders can flip it
It’s all in a faster, decentralized and trustless way.
Create a Pool or Join a Pool
Share with communities
Reach the value faster
Own fractions of the NFT you want
Discover, collect, sell, and fractionalize
Buy any NFT (ERC721) listed at a fixed price on OpenSea.
Join as you want
Create Public Pools, in which anyone in the world can join or Private Pools, in which only users with the link of that pool are able to join.
Receive a Curator's fee
The curator sets the fee amount in Private Pools, which is a percentage of the NFT Price that will be transferred to the curator wallet after Fractionation.
Boost your NFT community
Create Private Pools to receive a Curator's fee and also to boost and activate your community without needing financial resources
The best of the OpenSea is on the RockPool!
How long does it take to join or create a Pool?
Who sets the Curator's fee percentage?
What is the use of creating a Private Pool?
Why use RockPool when I can buy NFTs from OpenSea?
Why does NFT need to be listed at a fixed price?
What if someone else wants to sell the NFT?
How can I sell my fractions after joining a Pool?
What if the price of the NFT rises?
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